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In House Portrait Series - I

In-House is a portrait series featuring David Michael's creative friends, shot by Olga Nazarova. In our first installment of the series, Olga captured Los Angeles based artists; Zumi Rosow, Eric Erlandson (The Hole), Aaron Frankel (No Driver/VC), Cole Waterhouse (Wizard), Emily Kokal (Warpaint), Jaysun Rickards (Facialand Cole Alexander (Black Lips) while in California, 2015. Metal Magazine discusses with designer David Michael about drawing inspiration from different fields of art, music and history, starting from scratch in a new city, and the meaning of success.  

People inspire me, I also get lots of inspiration from history and science – I think the knowledge creates a rich timeline where to find inspiration, and using these allows me to stretch my imagination and make clothes for this imaginary landscape, where “when it is” seems less important than “what it is”.  Making clothes has become a way to contribute to this timeline of humanity. The more I can contribute, the more fulfilled I will feel. It is also good to note that love and creation are the most profound inspirations that I can think of."
– David Michael